Monday, 1 May 2017

Finding Nevo - Author Q&A

Finding Nevo, by Nevo Zisin is currently sitting on my TBR pile and I'm really looking forward to reading it. This is Nevo's story of discovering where they fit in, in their own words.

I've seen some great reviews already, and I'm really excited that Nevo, who is already an activist for transgender and non-binary youth, has this opportunity to become a role model to others who are questioning their own gender identities.

Here Nevo shares their answers to some questions about the book and the writing process.

Finding Nevo is out today from Black Dog Books.

What do you hope readers will take away from Finding Nevo?

I hope they will not only take away my story but also their own. I hope people will find similarities or moments they can relate to and connect it to their own narrative and what the implications of that may be. I hope fellow trans people will feel less alone, heard and seen. I hope they realize that there is a future for them and that they are strong and resilient. I hope cis people read this book and feel a responsibility to create safer spaces and a safer world at large for trans people. While also questioning ways they may uphold oppressive standards of gender binaries onto those around them. Though in general I hope this book will inspire people to create change, both within themselves and in society.

What made you write your autobiography at such a young age?