Friday, 3 June 2011

30 Day Book Challenge - Day 23

Day 23: Book you tell people you’ve read, but haven’t (or haven’t actually finished)

I don't think I've ever claimed to have read a book I haven't read, but I guess as an RE teacher there's probably an assumption that I've read the Bible. I have read some of it, but nowhere near all of it.


  1. I didn't know you were an RE teacher. isn't Bible studies compulsory for that? lol

  2. I trained to teach RE, Psychology and SOSE (History, Geography, Sociology, etc). I have done Bible Studies, had a brilliant lecturer and it was one of my favourite subjects during my Dip. Ed. but I haven't read the whole thing. I've read most of the Christian Scriptures but nowhere near all of the Hebrew Scriptures. We focused on Mark and Exodus at uni, looking at different approaches (historical critical, hermeneutical, etc). It was fascinating.

    I'm sure I've banged on about being an RE teacher on the PP at some time or another. :)


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